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Online Part of the Smart Cycling Course - The Smart Cycling Course (formerly Traffic Skills 101) consists of a classroom or online session followed by a four hour on-bike session

This is the online part of the Smart Cycling course.   Print the certificate of completion after taking the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Exam sections. After completing the online exam, contact an LCI for the schedule of the four hour on-bike session.

Smart Cycling Tips    Tip sheets covering Maintenance, Commuting, Better riding, and more.
Watch a Video  A number of short videos to help you learn more about bikes and bicycling.  These can even be downloaded for use in your own presentations.

The online part of the Smart Cycling Course is a prerequisite to take the on-bike portion of the Smart Cyclng Course

Video topics about safe bicycling.
Cyclist's Eye View: Driving Your Bicycle in Traffic, is a 20 min video used in the Smart Cycling / Traffic Skills 101 course.  It covers the essentials of riding safely, confidently, and comfortably on roads, in traffic.  If you are new to bicycling, this is a Must See.  If you are an old hand, it's a great safety review.   

The online version can be viewed in three parts:   
Part 1         Part 2        Part 3

Avoiding the Door Zone - How far away from cars should you ride to avoid getting doored?  This  2 3/4 minute video by Preston Tyree, former League of American Bicyclists Education Director, will show you.

A B C Quick Check -  Learn a 30 second safety check to perform before each ride.  It helps you to discover small problems before they become large ones.

Quick Stop  Stop your bike in the shortest possible distance and still maintain control.  This video clip is from the International Police Mountain Bike Association.  The technique is taught in Trafrfic Skills 101.

Ride Illinois     (formerly League of Illinois Bicyclists)

Illinois Bicycle Safety Quiz - This is more than a quiz.  It is a tool designed to teach cyclists the essentials of safe bicycling.  It contains sections for adults, children and motorists.

Share the Road -  This 6 1/2 minute video, narrated by Robbie Ventura, a former member of rhe U.S. Postal Service Team, presents the do's and don'ts for new drivers for when they encounter bicyclists on the road.  

Tips for bike fit - Setting your bike up for more comfortable riding: - Sports Medicine

Why You Should Avoid the Door Zone -- Consequences of riding in the door zone ( very graphic, showing several actual doorings)

Avoiding a Right Hook    Part 1    Part 2  

On line booklets from other sources
Bicycling Street Smarts - On line booklet - 46 pages of tips for riding safely by League Cycling Instructor John Allen.

You Are King of The Lane - Political refugees learn about bikes and earn bicycles - From the League of American Bicyclists American Bicyclist - Sept-Oct 2011

Health benefits of riding a bike
 Central Park Bike Rental - Siite with links to many health benefits of riding

Other Bike Related Links

League Cycling Instructors can train your volunteers to put on a bike rodeo. Contact us at

Here is an excellent bike rodeo guide from Cornell University

We encourage you to check out Ira David Levy's Pedal America, a Public Television program that explores the joys of bicycling.  Pedal America celebrates the liberating world of bicycling as an economical, eco-friendly, and healthful means of activity that friends and family can enjoy safely.  Ira David is also an LCI. - News, articles, product reviews, and how tos of anything that is related to bike commuting.